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We are home certification and improvement contractor

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Sleek & Beautiful

Energy Certification

All commercial buildings now require energy certification before sale, letting, construction or assignment. Any public buildings or institutions which are visited

Sleek & Beautiful

Home Improvement

Service providing improvement of home efficiency and appearance. Anything from renovation, landscaping and gardening, re-roofing and more

Sleek & Beautiful

Auditing services

Envos provides a wide range of Energy and Environmental Certification and Auditing services for commercial properties and public sector.

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Sustainable Property Assessment

In these economically tough times, owners of properties and businesses are focused more than ever on value. And now a professional appreciation of sustainability will help commercial property owners and investors in their decision making on acquisition and portfolio management. We can provide advice on technical issues that will future proof your property including a […]

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Sustainability Assessments

Envos specialises in energy and sustainability audits together with implementation of BSI accredited management systems as a means of making commercial and public buildings more attractive and therefore valuable to landlords, occupiers and/or tenants. Envos has created its own services, the Envos SPA� (Sustainable Property Assessment) in order to help property owners assess the impact of current […]

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Meter Monitoring

Meter Monitoring puts you in control of your energy bills. Using specialist software, we can quickly tell you if you have been paying too much or too little – usually because of estimated readings or being on the wrong tariffs and help you negotiate with utility companies. Under payment can be major cashflow problem and […]